Sunny Day

Its been a lovely sunny day, warm enough to go outside. We looked at the pond, and around the garden, we have lots of work to do to keep us busy! If anyone would like to help us with our gardening work, please get in touch! See our contact information

New Home!

Mo transfer some tadpoles into their new home now that they had developed and were ready to move. We hope they like their new home!

Bird Cakes

Lots of us made some bird feeders, we cant wait to see the birds feed from them! we took some lard and added 2 scoops of mixed seeds and 1 scoop of peanuts we mashed this all together and combined well we shaped our mixture into balls we placed our seed and nut balls into…

Frog Terrarium

Ruth was enjoying looking at the tadpoles but they had gotten so big we had to build them a new home, its a mansion, life of luxury for our tadpoles! Ruth was talking about the tadpoles all day, we think she liked them!

Boing boing!!

Paul and Alex collected some frog spawn for Paul to take home and look after! Paul is going to keep us updated on the development of the frog spawn, hopefully he’ll have some frogs for his pond soon!

Hat Day at HDC!

We found lots of woolly hats, Charlotte had us all out in the garden to test them out on the breezy but clear day! Then she managed to get photo evidence of us all looking a bit funny with them on!

Fishing for frogs!

David.H. had a wonderful time collecting frog spawn from our pond with Ida, one of our amazing volunteers. We wanted to collect the frog spawn so that the fish don’t eat it. We like the frogs in our garden, they’ll eat the slugs, who usually eat our lettuces, hopefully not this year!

Winter blues

Its way too cold to be outside, we cant wait for the warmer weather so that we can start planting seeds and tending to our garden again, we have lots of exciting things planned this year!

Pumpkin pie

Our members this week have made beautiful pumpkin pies from pumpkin we have grown! Clifford ate a slice of his with his packed lunch today and he said it was “good!”

New Raised Beds

Thanks to the volunteers from Lloyd’s Bank we have more beds for the next garden project!

Table tennis champions!

Ruth loves playing table tennis, she’s really good at it and is giving Steve, our visitor, a good run around!

Arts and craft

Roger and Clifford enjoying the warm sun making a card and colouring a picture! How nice to get outside after the drowsy weather we’ve had these past few days!