Rob here is looking at the tadpoles! Rob has taken interest in watching the frog spawn grow and he cant wait for them to grow legs and turn into frogs! Being inside where its a lot warmer, they have grown really quickly, I don’t think rob will have long to wait!


We’ve had some very cold weather recently and it was beautiful to see the snow settle and turn our garden a crisp white. Whilst the snow was gorgeous to look at we’re looking forward to a bit warmer weather as when the frosts clear we can hopefully start planting some vegetables!


What a spot! Look at the frog keeping cool! Maybe he is one of the frogs we hatched from the frog spawn at the beginning of the year!


Over the year we have had a wonderful crop of fruit grown in our garden! We have had damsons, victoria plums, pears, cooking apples, eating apples and rhubarb! Delicious!

Summer BBQ

We all had a lovely time at our first summer BBQ of 2017! We had live music and celebrated all the hard work our volunteers put in to Haven Day Centre. We decided to have the summer BBQ’s to also celebrate all of our members as if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be here,…

Thanks Lloyds Bank!

We would all like to say a huge thanks to Lloyds bank for their continuous support and hard work in our garden! Thank you! It has been lovely meeting everyone and we really appreciate everything!

Luscious Lavender

Our lavender plants are blossoming, they smell lovely and attract lots of bees and butterflies, they really add a splash of colour to the garden!

Crafts outside

We all enjoyed colouring and card making outside today, we were listening to music and having a boogie too!

Sunny Monday

Our first lunch out in the garden under the warmth of the bright sun, many more to come summer 2017!

Ha-PEA Birthday!

David has been planting some Sweetcorn today, he’s been working so hard even on his birthday!!! Maybe we should have got David planting some peas, ha-PEA Birthday David!!!!

Planting our seeds!

Everyone has been pitching in and picking different vegetables and flowers to plant. Ruth has planted some tomato plants, Mo picked some beautiful flowers to plant, Roger picked some sweetcorn to plant and Clifford chose to plant some butternut squash seeds! Great work everyone


Look! We have lots of rhubarb! We can’t wait to have rhubarb crumble for dessert! If anyone would like to purchase some we ask for a suggested donation of 50p a bunch!